New Pianos

Choose from our wide selection of grands and uprights.

We offer a full line of pianos from Ritmüller, Pearl River and Kayserburg. Please contact us or stop by the showroom to try them out!

Each and every new piano that we carry goes through a strict list of checks including:

  • inspection and adjustment of all friction points and action parts
  • checking and adjustment of all spacing and alignments
  • a minimum of 3 showroom tunings
  • voicing the instrument

In total, we give each piano our strict 16-point new piano checklist to be sure each one is in top shape.

Shawn will personally help you pick a piano that’s just right for you.

Here’s how he helped Maureen pick her perfect piano.

purchased five 47" Ritmuller studio uprights for the school
July 21, 2015

"The Ritmuller studio upright is very affordable, well-constructed, extremely durable, and has great sound."