Piano Restoration Gallery

Shawn’s passion is restoring fine instruments that are no longer available and irreplaceable. Our selection of restored Steinways and Mason & Hamlins are second to none and we offer restoration of family heirlooms for all makes. For over 40 years, Shawn and his staff have restored numerous pianos and each one has been a labor of love and a work of art.

Shawn’s Piano specializes in restoring pianos that have deteriorated due to age and environment. If you are interested in preserving the quality, craftsmanship, and splendor of an older piano, you can trust Shawn and his staff to bring your instrument back to life.

“Working with Shawn is as close as you can come in this day and age to working with a Renaissance master craftsman. Nobody knows more, or cares more, about pianos.”

~ R. Forbes