Piano Removal & Recycling

STOP! You may be tempted to toss that old piano in the trash, because it’s too much trouble or just doesn’t sound good any longer.  We offer recycling services for those pianos that have outlived their usefulness. After safely removing the piano from your location, we transport it to our workshop where our specialists disassemble the instrument.

  • The 35,000+ pounds of tension is released.
  • The woods and metals are separated.
  • The cast iron plate is sent for recycling to Asia, where manufacturing of new pianos is at it’s greatest.
  • The lead key weights from the piano keys are removed and properly recycled.

Some pianos have up to 6 lead weights per key stick, which can total as much as 6 pounds of lead in a single piano! These lead weights should never end up in a land fill. At Shawn’s Piano, every lead weight is removed by hand and recycled. This makes it more convenient for you and is better for the environment!

Contact us if you’d like us to consider your piano for recycling.